Written by Todd Ware, President & Chief Executive Officer

There is a transformation happening across the nation. America’s smaller communities are changing in remarkable ways. While holding steadfast to the values that made them, rural communities are experiencing a renewed energy. They are attracting growth and economic development projects and creating opportunities for new generations of people to build a life for themselves and their families. As a result, more people are choosing to live in the communities served by cooperatives.

The Cooperative Difference

It can be easy to forget The Energy Cooperative is different from other utilities. What makes us different? The short answer is you –– our members.

We were built by our members in 1936 to bring their communities safe, reliable, and affordable energy. From day one, we were shaped to respond to the specific needs of you and your neighbors. We are led by members like you, and we don’t answer to outside investors. This key difference has been part of the cooperative model from the beginning.