Thank you first responders!

The Energy Cooperative recently added a new propane truck to its fleet to honor first responders. “This themed truck is a Tribute to our First Responders who work tirelessly helping people in our communities. As a cooperative, we were built by the members who live and work in the communities we serve.

“This truck is one small way for us to recognize the commitment and concern for community first responders show each and every day, especially during this pandemic.”, said Todd Ware, President & CEO.

The Energy Cooperative has several community partnerships with first responder departments including police, sheriff’s, township fire, city fire and EMS. They join forces for cooperative events throughout the year, and the Cooperative helps educate them on electrical, natural gas and propane safety. Additionally, many first responder organizations have benefited from Operation Round Up Foundation grants. “This new propane bobtail truck gives us an opportunity to broadcast a special thank you, with a Tribute to our First Responders” Ware said.

If you would like more information about The Energy Cooperative’s propane service or Operation Round Up Foundation grants, please contact The Energy Cooperative at 800-255-6815.