Reliability means clear access.

We need clear access to utility equipment.

We work hard to provide our members with safe and reliable energy. To help maintain this level of service, we ask that you keep in mind a few landscaping tips.

  • Leave clearance for our employees to work on utility equipment.
  • Trim shrubs and bushes planted near utility equipment.
  • Keep utility equipment free from obstructions.

Check on Restrictions

The first call before planting anything near utility equipment should be to the utility company. Contact us for the clearance needed for your equipment.

Leave Clearance

The key is allowing room for our employees to safely access the equipment. As a rule, leave at least three feet of clearance in front of utility equipment, and at least 1 foot of clearance around the sides. Even if we do not regularly access your equipment, it should be visible and accessible for our employees.

Pets, Fences, and Gates

If you have a guard dog for security, please contact us, and we will make sure that our employees know. We may ask that you confine animals while we are working on your equipment. If the equipment is located behind a fence or locked gate, please contact us to arrange access.

Equipment Clearance Needed


Clearance Needed for Normal Operations

Meters3 feet on all sides
Riser3 feet on all sides
Padmount equipment10 feet on all sides

Who Owns What

We are responsible when equipment owned by the cooperative becomes damaged or does not work. The member is responsible for repairs when member-owned equipment becomes damaged or does not work.

What you own

Natural Gas Service Line
Propane Service Line
Electric Service Point
Electric Waterhead
Electric Service Mast
Electric Service Mast Guy
Meter Socket and Jaws
Electric Service Panel
Electric Meter Socket

What we own

Natural Gas or Propane Meter 
Main Gas Pipeline 
Power Distribution Lines 
Service Line 
Electric Service Line 
Power Pole 
Padmount Transformer 
Electric Meter

Take a Closer Look

Click here to take a closer look at the equipment and see who owns what.