Written by Dan McVey, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer – Gas Operations

It is common for people to hide utility equipment when they are landscaping their home. You have likely seen someone try to disguise a meter or plant around a utility box to camouflage it. When focusing on the curb appeal of your home, it is easy to forget that utility companies need access to this equipment. At The Energy Cooperative, we work hard to provide our members with safe and reliable energy.

To help maintain this level of service, we ask that you keep in mind a few landscaping tips.

  • Always contact OHIO811 before you dig.
  • Leave clearance for our employees to work on utility equipment.
  • Trim shrubs and bushes planted near utility equipment.
  • Keep utility equipment free from obstructions.

Check on Restrictions

The first call before planting anything near utility equipment should be to the utility company. Contact The Energy Cooperative for the clearance needed for your equipment.

Call Before Digging

The next call you make should be to OHIO811. When you make the call, provide information about your planned project. OHIO811 contacts utility companies to mark all underground utilities that could cause a problem when you dig. It can take a few days before someone comes to mark the underground utilities, so plan your project in advance. Do not begin your project until all the utility lines are marked.