The Cooperative Difference

What makes The Energy Cooperative different from other utilities? We do not have customers. We are owned by our members. Cooperatives have deep roots in the communities they serve because without them we would not exist. We were built by our members in 1936 to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy. While the times may have changed, our mission and outlook have not. We view our role as a catalyst for good. Working together, we can accomplish great things for our community now and in the future.

Your Membership Matters

Membership matters because cooperatives care about improving the quality of life in the areas they serve. From donating to schools and parks to providing college scholarships or volunteer hours to the United Way, the Cooperative invests in local communities where you live and work. Membership matters because you have a vote in how your Cooperative is governed. Members elect the board of directors from their friends and neighbors.

Membership matters because you receive returns on your investment in your Cooperative. Cooperatives aim to operate at cost, so any excess earnings go back to members as capital credits, based on energy use.

The bottom line: Membership matters because you matter to your Cooperative.

Our Promise to You

Since 1936, The Energy Cooperative (TEC) has delivered safe, reliable, and affordable utility services and has played an important role in the economic and civic life of Central Ohio. Membership is available to all persons within the service area of the Cooperative on a nondiscriminatory basis as set forth in the bylaws of the Cooperative.