Save energy. Keep energy costs down and get $100!

Over the past 20 years, the percentage of homes with air conditioning has nearly doubled for Ohio’s electric cooperatives. This means more electricity is needed during the summer, which can create times of high demand. The Energy Cooperative must provide enough electricity for these times. The Cool Returns program helps control demand and future energy prices – but only if you participate.

What is Cool Returns?

This energy management program allows you to help reduce energy usage when demand is for energy is at its highest, generally on extremely hot and humid summer days. Brief, periodic cycling of the central air conditioning system can reduce the demand for electricity during this time. And that can help keep your energy costs down.

How does it work?

When you sign up for the Cool Returns program, a qualified HVAC representative installs a special switch on your central air conditioner. This does not control your thermostat or harm your cooling system. It simply cycles the compressor of your cooling unit for brief periods of time. Cool air continues to circulate through your home. Cycling periods are so brief that current program participants rarely experience a change in comfort.

Why should I participate?

Cool Returns is the most recent addition to the energy management program of Ohio’s electric cooperatives. These programs have helped save members more than $100 million in energy costs through the years. The Cool Returns program lets you help control your future energy costs.