BY Daniel Dupps, District 4 Director CCD, BL and Gold Credential

Since being elected a director of The Energy Cooperative, I’ve come to learn and respect the cooperative business culture. This includes its governance (Code of Regulations and Articles of Incorporation), its seven guiding principles; director education programs; and retraining programs to keep directors up-to-date on numerous issues that confront cooperatives on a monthly basis.

The leadership of our board, the management team and our employees professionally carry out their duties each and every day. Additionally, many have accepted responsible positions throughout our member communities, the state-wide cooperative, Ohio region 4, and on national cooperative boards.

The board works hard to carry out what is espoused by W.H. Dankers, extension economist in marketing at the University of Minnesota and entitled, A Cooperative Director’s Pledge. We are not perfect, but I believe The Energy Cooperative’s Board of Directors strives to fulfill the pledge.