Don Hawk, District 1 Director

Written by Don Hawk, District 1, CCD, BLC, DGC

Most recently, my fellow board members and I attended the Ohio Electric Cooperatives Winter Conference to stay updated on our ever-changing industry. With that said, I want to share some thoughts about today and future electric generation concerns. 

We are rapidly approaching challenging times regarding having adequate electric generation to meet all our demands. Baseload generation was discussed at the conference, and the importance of maintaining a mix of all forms was stressed. I could not agree more! The mixed forms referenced above include coal, natural gas, nuclear and hydropower. Combining the use of each form can represent a 24-hour supply of power to meet all the demands of industry and family life. Additional generation forms available include solar and wind power, and they can meet additional demand. But also recognizing the true reality that if the wind does not blow or the sun sets at night, that supply goes completely away. This is referred to as intermittent supply. It’s important we all understand the "demand versus supply" in electric generation. 

As for solar, I would like to share additional concerns about the vast amounts of acreage being converted from producing food to solar. The landowner has a right to choose what the land is used for, but there are appropriate places for solar energy to be utilized. My concern revolves around using productive farm land. 
Our country's food supply is its strength; we must maintain vast productive acreage for food security. There are several new possibilities for future electric generation, and we need to look to the future with an open mind. 

I want to thank all the members of The Energy Cooperative for allowing me to represent you as your director; it is an honor and a privilege.

Get to Know Your Director, Don Hawk

  • Self-employed farmer who owns and has operated Skyline Turkey Farm, Inc. for the past forty years

  • Served as a Township Trustee, Soil and Water Supervisor, Member of the Ohio Poultry Marketing Board and Knox County Farm Bureau

  • Member of the St. Luke Catholic Church and is married with four children

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