The Energy Cooperative is upgrading meters for our electric members, beginning in July of 2019. The upgrade is intended to increase efficiency and reliability of our electric system. Improving the efficiency of operations and how we deliver electricity helps to keep costs down for members. The meter installations will begin in the Hazelton Substation area and will continue throughout The Energy Cooperative’s service territory until completion in 2020.

Why Are the Meters Being Upgraded?

The Energy Cooperative is upgrading its meters to provide additional functionality, including increased remote options and hourly data retrieval.

Five Benefits You Will Notice

  1. Quicker Outage Response Times: The new technology will help our team monitor our electric grid in almost real-time. We will be able to quickly identify service issues such as increased usage issues, outages, and momentary outages. The team can then respond to those outages more efficiently than we can today. We will know your electricity is out before you report it.
  2. Lower Costs: The new meters will help The Energy Cooperative reduce costs by providing important efficiencies to the distribution grid, and reducing our response times and management—savings we pass on to our members.
  3. Power to Save: The meters, which provide hourly data about your power use, can help you understand how and when you are using electricity. This information can help you better manage and control your energy usage. Armed with this data, our member service representatives will have more information to help you address billing inquiries.
  4. Less Access to Your Property: Once the new meters are installed, The Energy Cooperative will be able to disconnect and reconnect service remotely, further limiting the need to access your property.
  5. Safety: Improvements in the distribution grid will secure the overall safety of cooperative employees.

How Will the Meter Replacements Work?

The Energy Cooperative is working with Anixter Power Solutions to install the new meters. We will notify members by phone in advance of their meter exchange. The installation process should take approximately ten minutes and will result in a brief outage. Members do not need to be home during the replacement, but should ensure there is a clear path to their meter and that pets are secured on the day of installation.

At The Energy Cooperative, taking advantage of new technologies is one more way that we can offer you new and creative services. This new meter system opens the door to future services we can offer our electric members.

Installation Timeline

To estimate when your new meter will be installed, find your location on our electric service territory map below. Questions? Give us a call at 1-800-255-6815.

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