January 21, 2019

Todd Ware, President & Chief Executive Officer of The Energy Cooperative recently stopped by Genesis Health Care in Zanesville to donate $5,000 on behalf of the cooperative’s, “Energy to Help Find a Cure” program.  The donation was made to the Genesis Health Care Foundation requesting the money be donated to their Cancer Care Services unit.

The Energy Cooperative is guided by Seven Cooperative Principles, one of which is Concern for Community. As part of this commitment to community, the cooperative has three delivery trucks with special colors and decals. The Cooperative donates $0.01 for each gallon delivered from these trucks to charitable community groups. The pink and lavender trucks promote cancer awareness. The red, white and blue truck is in support of veteran affairs. The Energy Cooperative proudly supports member communities one penny at a time.

The $5,000 donation was funded from The Energy Cooperative’s lavender propane truck that supports cancer awareness, research, and treatment. For every gallon of propane delivered by the lavender truck, the cooperative donates one cent to local cancer organizations. The goal is to enable oncologists and cancer researchers to pursue promising new ideas, create new knowledge and ultimately develop new methods of cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment.