Weather is the key

The primary factor impacting your bill from The Energy Cooperative is the cost to heat or cool your home. Weather plays a big part in this, and central Ohio experienced several very hot days in August. Additionally, you may notice an adjustment in your budget billing amount in March and September. We evaluate this amount twice a year to determine if your usage differs from the estimated budget amount. Your budget will be adjusted accordingly if a difference exists.

Has your usage been estimated?

When a bill is estimated, it is based on usage from the same time last year and can often result in your estimated usage being lower or higher than your actual usage. Your next bill, based on an actual read, will bring your account back in line with the current reading on your meter. If your previous estimated bill was too low, your next bill may be higher than you expected. Similarly, if your bills have been overestimated, you will eventually receive a reduced bill.

Have you used more energy?

You will see your energy usage for the previous 12 months on your bill. This allows you to compare your usage to see when you use the most energy. To understand why you may have used more energy, look at the billing dates on the bill and think about what happened during that period.

  • Did someone in your household spend more time than usual at home, or did you have guests staying?
  • Did you use more heating during a cold period?
  • Did you use more hot water or did you cook with gas more than you normally do?
  • Did you buy or use any additional appliances?
  • Are you supplementing your home heating with a space heater? Space heaters do increase your electric usage, and you may notice this increase in your utility bill.