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In 1936, a group of farmers in Licking and Knox counties decided to take advantage of a federal program offered by the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) by forming an electric cooperative known as Licking Rural Electrification (LRE). At inception, five people were employed to service 410 members and 143 miles of electric line. The George Conrad Farm on Smoketown Road was the first member-owner energized. For 40 years, the office was located one mile south of Utica, Ohio, on State Route 13 and was built in 1959. In 1998, LRE moved the headquarters to Newark, Ohio.

In October of 1998, Licking Rural Electrification, Inc. acquired National Gas & Oil Company and its subsidiaries, National Gas & Oil Corp., Producers Gas Sales, NGO Development Corp., NGO Transmission, Inc., and NGO Propane. The Energy Cooperative is the trade name used by LRE and its subsidiaries, which operate as separate corporations.

Licking Rural Electrification

Licking Rural Electrification (LRE) provides safe, reliable electricity to 26,000 members in nine counties of Central Ohio. LRE owns, operates, and maintains 32 miles of transmission line, 2,955 miles of distribution lines, 20 substations, and three switching stations.

We purchase our energy from Buckeye Power. Buckeye Power’s base-load generation assets serve the day-to-day needs of Ohio’s cooperative members. These coal-fired and natural gas-fueled facilities are best-in-class, outfitted with state-of-the-art environmental controls.

Buckeye Power and its 24 member co-ops are committed to safe, reliable, affordable, and economically sustainable power production that is also environmentally responsible. Ohio’s electric cooperatives take a balanced approach to renewable energy. While we continue to support and utilize affordable coal-fired generation for the bulk of our power, Buckeye Power and its member cooperatives have made significant investments in renewable energy on behalf of Ohio cooperatives families. This includes solar energy, biogas projects, methane generation from landfills, and hydropower from upstate New York.

National Gas & Oil (NGO) is a retail natural gas distribution cooperative that provides natural gas service to more than 35,000 residential and commercial members within a six-county area. This service is provided through a network of nearly 1,000 miles of distribution pipelines. These pipeline systems have natural gas throughput volumes exceeding 9,000 MMcf per year. Natural gas is delivered to the pipeline system through NGO Transmission and Columbia Gas Transmission Corp. NGO also gathers gas from approximately 300 local wells.

NGO Propane Cooperative provides propane service to more than 4,500 members. On average, the delivery trucks travel more than 70,000 miles and drivers make more than 10,000 deliveries each winter season in all kinds of weather conditions, proving our commitment to providing our members safe, reliable propane service. Members of the cooperative consume nearly three million gallons of propane annually. Our propane supply gives members the security of knowing they will have the propane when needed. We continue to focus on providing affordable fixed price propane with metered service. This helps members budget for their energy needs and avoid price increases that sometimes occur during the winter season. The metering option allows members to pay for only the propane they use each month and avoid a costly tank refill.

Producers was formed in response to deregulation of the natural gas industry. Producers is a marketer of natural gas and serves high-volume consumers. The natural gas service is provided by interstate supply, local production, and on-system storage fields. Producers offers many services that can help businesses budget for their natural gas needs and keep them competitive in the marketplace.

In 2003, National Gas & Oil Transmission (NGOT) became Ohio’s newest gas transmission company. NGOT provides natural gas service to both affiliates and non-affiliates through a network of 155 miles of transmission pipelines and three underground gas storage fields.

NGO Development Corporation (NGOD) was formed through a series of acquisitions for the purpose of securing local natural gas supply.  NGOD operates a number of oil and natural gas wells, participates in joint ventures to drill wells, and also operates gathering pipelines to deliver its gas to markets in several locations in eastern and central Ohio.

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