The Energy Cooperative is continually evaluating its cost to serve our members. This includes the total revenues needed, which fluctuate depending on the amount of energy used and the cost of generation, transmission, and delivery. Estimating the amount of energy that members use enables the Cooperative to determine what rates should be, which is reviewed annually. By monitoring our controllable expenses, we are able to provide affordable and reliable energy with cost-based rates.

Residential Electric Rates

  • Facilities Charge $27.00 per month.
  • Generation/Transmission Energy Charge is $.0772/kWh.
  • Distribution Energy Charge is $.0362/kWh.
  • The above rates shall be increased or decreased in accordance with the provisions of the Cooperative’s Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment Schedule. Effective April 2020, the Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment is $0.00/kWh. This amount may fluctuate monthly depending on power cost from our power supplier.
  • Other applicable taxes apply.
  • For commercial and industrial rates please call (800) 255-6815.

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