If you are an electric member building a new home or replacing a fossil fuel water heater and plan to install a new electric water heater, The Energy Cooperative would like to write you a check for $250 to $350! Why? The Energy Cooperative wants to promote the use of energy efficient appliances and enlist you as part of our Load Management Team. The installation of a well insulated water heater helps to reduce energy consumption and helps members save money towards their utility bill. If you are constructing a new home or replacing a propane gas, natural gas or fuel oil water heater with a new electric water heater you can qualify for a rebate ranging from $250 to $350. Please see the qualifications listed below.

New Electric Water Heater Rebate:

  • Warranty Period: 6 Years of More
  • 50-70 Gallon Size: $250
  • 71+ Gallon Size: $350