Several cooperative members who receive our electric service recently made us aware that they have been solicited by phone, and in-person, by organizations or individuals who claim to represent competing utility suppliers, with the objective of getting members to agree to switch their electric service to another provider.

The Energy Cooperative does not participate in retail choice – the ability to choose your electric supplier. Electric cooperatives are not-for-profit, member-owned and locally governed utilities that for many years have benefited from the lowest cost of wholesale power generation in the state. Ohio’s electric cooperatives did not opt in to electric industry restructuring 11 years ago. Cooperative leaders believed they were already offering affordable and reliable electricity. In addition, their non-profit status and patronage capital programs benefited owner-members in other ways.

While we cannot vouch for the legitimacy of the solicitors, please be assured that we appreciate, and value, your membership in The Energy Cooperative, and that we, in no way, endorse the solicitors. Please also be assured that we respect the confidentiality of your account, and that we have never, nor will we ever, provide your account information to outside parties.

In the event that you are contacted by an organization attempting to flip your electric service to another supplier, do not provide your account or other personal information to them, and immediately contact The Energy Cooperative’s Member Service Department at (800) 255-6815 or email at

Thank you.