National Gas & Oil Cooperative provides natural gas service to more than 35,000 residential and commercial members within a seven county area. This service is provided through a network of nearly 1,000 miles of distribution pipelines. We are committed to providing our members with safe and reliable natural gas service. Our pipeline replacement efforts focus on improving safety, reliability, and supply for our natural gas members.

As part of a major initiative to install new pipeline infrastructure, we connected over 500 new members last year and installed more than 15 miles of distribution mains for new growth. Most of the new mains were installed in the Johnstown area as part of a five-year planned expansion. In addition, our infrastructure replacement initiative included over 11 miles of distribution mains, 270 service lines and 3,000 risers.

NGO Transmission

The primary role of NGO Transmission is to provide firm gas delivery service to the consumers of National Gas & Oil Cooperative and Producers Gas Sales. Transportation opportunities are also available for any qualifying gas shippers within Ohio. NGO Transmission provides natural gas service to both affiliates and non-affiliates through a network of over 150 miles of pipeline and three underground gas storage fields. These gas storage fields help balance the pipeline system and can provide up to half the daily supply needs for the Cooperative.