These guidelines are intended for individuals whose proposed construction activities will impact TEC’s rights-of-way. TEC’s primary concern is public safety and to help ensure the continuous safe flow of the nation’s energy supplies. For complete details and requirements for the design and construction of facilities on TEC’s rights-of-way please call 1-800-255-6815.

Consult The Energy Cooperative early in your planning.

The Energy Cooperative (TEC) must review and approve all plans for proposed construction impacting a TEC right-of-way. To expedite construction or excavation, submit your plans to TEC for review in the design phase of the project before applying for permits or committing to construction. TEC requires a minimum of 45 days to review design plans.

Know What’s Below. Call Before You Dig.

No construction or excavation activities of any kind shall be performed on or near The Energy Cooperative’s (TEC) rights- of-way, including crossing with heavy equipment, or blasting on or near the right-of-way before TEC personnel have established the exact location and elevation of all affected facilities and the limits of the right-of-way. Start your project by calling 811 “Before You Dig”. (  Request that both the location and approximate depth of the pipeline be determined.

If you expose, hit, or touch a pipeline while digging, no matter how insignificant it may appear, please contact our emergency control center immediately by calling: 1-800-255-6815. If you discover gas leaking, immediately contact 911, your local fire department, and The Energy Cooperative.

Minimum Guidelines for Construction Near Pipeline Facilities

“Minimum Guidelines For Construction Near Pipeline Facilities” addresses the most common issues concerning land use on/near TEC rights-of-way. In rare cases, TEC may determine that adherence to a specific provision of the Minimum Guidelines/Right-of-Way Use Procedure is not feasible for a particular project. In such instances, TEC may, at its sole discretion, elect to modify specific requirements for that project. Said modifications shall be made by appropriate TEC personnel. These guidelines supersede any and all prior guidelines pertaining to activities and placements on or near gas transmission facilities owned by a TEC company. Existence of or the ramifications from, the implementation of  prior guidelines will not dictate, direct, or provide for exemption of any of the above guide lines. In the event that the provisions of an applicable land rights document conflicts with the requirements set forth herein, the land rights document shall control.

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