waterheaterThe Energy Cooperative wants you to become part of our Load Management Team and help us to help you save money by reducing the demand for power during peak conditions. When you replace your existing electric water heater with a qualifying replacement, you may be eligible for a $100.00 replacement water heater rebate from The Energy Cooperative.

This rebate is intended for residing electric members who will permit the installation and operation of a radio controlled switch (RCS) on their new electric water heater. In doing so, it is understood that the RCS will be operated during peak demand times. These times are typically 2:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. The radio-controlled switches are not operated on a daily basis; they are operated during peak times when the demand for electricity is very high. The average water heater is turned off less than 30 hours a year. These peak demand times are temperature dependent, as the weather becomes very hot or very cold the demand for electricity peaks. Most of the time the radio controlled switches are operated for a few hours and hot water is available. This is why one of the qualifications is a well insulated water heater. There are extreme conditions when the radio controlled switches may be operated for an extended time of 4 to 5 hours. During these rare times members may experience periodic warm water conditions.

Replacement Water Heater Rebate:


  1. Minimum six (6) year manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. Minimum 50-gallon water heater.
  3. Must be a new electric water heater.
  4. The water heater must contain a minimum of two inches of foam insulation for an “R” value equal to or greater than 16.
  5. The water heater’s element size must be 5500 watts or less per element.
  6. For residing Energy Cooperative electric members only.
  7. Radio Controlled Switch (RCS) must remain installed and operational for the length of the manufacturer’s warranty period for the water heater.


  1. All warranty periods are defined by the manufacturer’s warranty only. Extended warranties provided by outside parties do not qualify.
  2. Application for rebate must be made within nine months of the purchase of the water heater.
  3. Not valid with any other Energy Cooperative water heater rebate.

For a printable PDF of the Replacement Electric Water Heater Rebate Form, click here.