Preventing Problems Before They Occur

We can’t prevent storms. We can, however, make sure the area closest to our power lines is free from tree limbs and debris. To accomplish this, our Right of Way team conducts aggressive tree trimming and clearing along our electric lines to help prevent problems before they occur.

A right-of-way refers to a strip of land underneath or around power lines that your electric cooperative has the right and responsibility to keep clear. Trees must grow far enough from wires that they will not cause harm to people or disruption to electrical service. Clearing the Right of Way involves cutting, mowing and spraying a minimum of 15 feet from all sides of a single phased electric line, and a minimum of 20 feet from a three phased electric line. We may also use selective herbicides to remove unwanted weeds, brush and trees from the right of way. If total vegetation control is needed to keep the lines clear, we use non-selective herbicides. Our team understands applying herbicides requires precision and we utilize buffer zones to avoiding gardens, flowers and other plants that are important to you.

The Energy Cooperative’s internal team works with an external vendor to keep our right of ways clear from ground to sky. You will receive an automated call if we are heading your direction, and we will leave information on your door.

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