Safety Moment

Written by Connie Hogue, Director of Human Resources & Safety

Competing priorities like work, family and other responsibilities can leave you little time to focus on your state of mind. Many people experience stress due to the demands of modern life; especially during the holidays. Ignoring stress can result in physical and mental consequences such as fatigue unstable relationships, substance abuse and depression.

Ways to Relieve Stress

Change your diet.

Rather than turning to traditional comfort foods when you are stressed, choose healthier options. Foods such as fatty fish, carrots and nuts are known to reduce stress levels. Drinking tea can also help calm your nerves.

Get active.

Many people find it useful to go on a run or walk to clear their mind. Any type of exercise can reduce stress as your brain releases endorphins and dopamine, which can increase happiness.

Get involved.

Donate your spare time to helping your community, and increase your impact by bringing a friend or family member along. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, visit a local animal shelter, or help people in your community who may need an extra hand. These simple acts can brighten someone’s day, as well as your own.

Find support.

It’s important to share your problems with others rather than keep them bottled inside. Depending on the issue you are facing, talk to a trusted friend or family member.

Exploring group counseling provides an opportunity to benefit from speaking with others who are facing similar challenges.

Organize your living space.

Living in an unorganized environment can create stress if things like laundry or dishes pile up to the point of being overwhelming. Find the time to organize your living space and live a less cluttered life.

Speak to your doctor.

Stress and depression are major health issues, and it’s important to get professional medical help when you need it. Over 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety, and over 16 million suffer from depression.

Community Resources

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