Your Membership Matters

You don’t often get to choose who provides your energy service. Homes across a road may be served differently, some by a stockholder-driven investor-owned utility, others by a city-owned municipal system. We are a not-for-profit energy cooperative owned by you and your fellow members.The difference is that every home or business receiving energy from a cooperative – 18 million in 47 states – owns a portion of the utility – you are both a member and consumer, not just a customer. Across the nation, energy co-ops serve more than 42 million people. The Energy Cooperative doesn’t exist to make profits for shareholders – we exist to provide you with safe, reliable, and affordable energy. Because cooperatives operate on a not-for-profit basis, they have no need to increase revenues above what it takes to run the business in a financially sound manner. Membership matters because energy co-ops care about improving the quality of life in the areas they serve. Membership matters because you have a vote in how your Cooperative is governed. Members elect the board of directors from their friends and neighbors.

The bottom line: Membership matters because you matter to your Cooperative.


To provide safe and reliable energy to our member-owners with highly responsive service, consistent with the Cooperative Principles.


That our member-owners truly benefit from their membership in The Energy Cooperative, by receiving safe and reliable energy and highly responsive service at fair and reasonable prices. And that the communities we serve are enhanced due to our presence.