The Energy Cooperative (TEC) is continually evaluating its cost to serve our members. This includes the total revenues needed, which fluctuate depending on the amount of energy used and the cost of generation, transmission, and delivery. Estimating the amount of energy that members use enables the Cooperative to determine what rates should be, which is reviewed annually. By monitoring our controllable expenses, we are able to provide affordable and reliable energy with cost-based rates. Your monthly energy bill has a lot of useful information. Our rates are unbundled in order to provide a better explanation of the costs the Cooperative is recovering each month.

Breakdown of our Electric and Natural Gas Bills

  • Detail of Electric Service Charges is presented in the light green box and includes:
  • Generation & Transmission – This is the cost that TEC pays to Buckeye Power, our Generation & Transmission provider, to produce electric and transport it over the transmission lines. This cost is “passed through” to Cooperative members.
  • Facilities Fees – Fixed portion of costs incurred by TEC
  • Distribution Charge – Variable portion of cost incurred by TEC
  • kWh Tax – Consumption-based tax charged by the State of Ohio.
  • Detail of Natural Gas Service Charges is in the light blue box and includes:
  • Gas Cost – Cost of the natural gas and transporting that gas to our local distribution system. TEC pays local natural gas producers and pipeline companies for this service. This cost is simply “passed through”
    to Cooperative members.
  • Distribution Charge – Variable portion of cost incurred by TEC.
  • Facilities Fees – Fixed portion of costs incurred by TEC.
  • Gross Receipts Tax – A state tax based upon total charges billed.
  • Infrastructure Replacement Rider – Cost to upgrade bare steel pipe to comply with safety standards. Dual-fueled members have both of these boxes.
  • Total Charges for each service matches the front of the bill to the back.
  • This clearly defines the multiple payment options available.

* Both the Facilities Fee and Distribution Charge include the fixed cost of running the Cooperative, such as meter reading, billing, record keeping, replacing poles, power lines, and other equipment. This is also the cost to distribute electric to Cooperative members. This facilities fee will be applied each month, even though you may not consume natural gas or electric.

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