Safe, Reliable and Affordable Energy is the core of our mission at The Energy Cooperative.

Safe because we work to ensure our infrastructure is maintained and upgraded regularly. Reliable because we know how important it is that our electric and gas operations function properly each and every day. Affordable because the cooperative, not-for-profit, model means the payment members make each month for electric or gas stays within the cooperative. Because we do not have shareholders any margins are re-invested back into the system.

We make large investments each year to assure we have systems that are robust. In addition, we work with many partners to ensure that our energy supply has ample back up. Being part of large networks allows us to “balance” electric or gas supply from neighboring states or regions where they have different energy options. One of these networks is the 13-state PJM interconnection that supports Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives. This interconnected alliance backs up the electric cooperatives especially in extreme conditions.

Ohio weather changes drastically with each new season and even day to day. Cold winters and hot summers mean that our entire system must be built to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. That is why we have an extensive winterization process for both our electric and gas system to prepare for such extremes.

A Balanced Approach to Renewable Energy

Buckeye Power, our Generation and Transmission supplier, supports alternative energy sources. However, we are not reliant on renewable energy generation resources. So, when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine, Buckeye Power has a reliable amount of generation for heat and power for Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives. All in all, Ohio’s Electric Cooperative network has a diverse “all of the above” reliable energy resource mix—coal, natural gas, methane, solar, and hydrogen power—which is more conducive to grid stability, as well as essential to our safety, security, and prosperity.

We Are Proud of Our Employees.

The last few months have been far from easy for any of us, but our employees have powered through tough times. I want them to know how much we all appreciate their commitment to the cooperative. As you might imagine, suddenly working from home, riding alone in a truck, staying six feet apart, wearing a mask, constantly washing hands and more, has tested all of us. Providing Safe, Reliable and Affordable Energy could never be possible without our outstanding employees that often go above and beyond their normal responsibilities to help the member.

We are there for you, when you need us most.

Todd Ware

Todd Ware

President & CEO