Become a Co-op Ambassador!

Our co-op ambassador program offers a unique chance to delve deeper into the inner workings of the cooperative and gain invaluable experience. We look for members who are active in their community and aspire to serve on the Board of Directors.

Program Blueprint

  • Cooperative Basics Learn about where Cooperatives came from, how they were designed as well as how they work to always focus on the Seven Cooperative Principles.
  • Operations Dig deep into the specifics of how the grid works, how the infrastructure supports that and upcoming capital projects and work plans.
  • Membership & Financials Listen to an overview of The Energy Cooperative’s financials while our CFO highlights what metrics reflect the health of the Cooperative. You will also learn about the benefits we provide to our members.
  • Future Challenges Consider areas of growth concerns with us as we update you on what we are doing to stay ahead of the extreme growth heading our way.
  • Program Graduation Join our Board of Directors for a celebratory graduation from our Ambassador Program while enjoying lunch.

Applications for 2024 Program

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2024 Cooperative Ambassadors program.