Changes to your monthly bill

We have made some improvements to your bill so you can easily find everything you need. We hope this helps simplify things for you!

The front of the bill includes a high-level account summary, including any balance from the previous month and your current month's charges.

You can find more detailed information on the back of your bill. It shows the current meter readings, previous energy use, and breaks down all your current charges so you can easily understand what you're paying for.

Changes to budget bills

The front of the bill shows your total current changes and the amount due on your budget. You'll be able to quickly notice if you used more energy than you paid for each month.

On the back of your budget bills, you'll find the Accumulated Budget Balance that shows your account balance before we add current charges. Your account summary will also display the Total Budget Account Balance, which will give you an idea of where you'll stand after you make your budget payment for the month.


The Energy Cooperative Bill

Click to view The Energy Cooperative's newly designed bill.

The Energy Cooperative Budget Bill

Click to view The Energy Cooperative's updated budget bill.