The Energy Cooperative works to bring safe, reliable energy to members at an affordable price. Rates are set by the Board of Directors, considering input from a third-party consultant's cost-of-service study to cover the cost of doing business.

The Energy Cooperative’s Board of Directors approved a rate adjustment for electric and natural gas members effective August 1, 2024.

Residential Electric Members

  • Facilities Fee adjusts from $34/month to $37/month  

Small General Service (SGS) Electric

  • Members Facility Fee adjust from $38/month to $41/month  

Residential Natural Gas Members

  • Facilities Fee adjusts from $26.50 to $28.50
  • Distribution Rate adjusts from $0.211/ccf to $0.229/ccf

Small Commercial Natural Gas Members

  • Facilities Fee adjusts from $30.50/month to $33.50/month
  • Facilities Charge $34.00 per month
  • Generation Energy Charge The base charge of $0.0692/kWh is combined with a monthly Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) to determine the total cost for Generation. Effective July 2024, the PCA for power generation is $0.001256/kWh. Total generation energy charge in July 2024 is $0.070434/kWh
  • Transmission Energy Charge The base charge of $0.0121/kWh is combined with a monthly Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) to determine the total cost for transmission. Effective July 2024, the PCA for transmission is $0.016398. Total transmission energy charge in July 2024 is $0.028520/kWh
  • Distribution Energy Charge is $0.0349/kWh

The above rates shall be increased or decreased in accordance with the provisions of the Cooperative’s Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment Schedule. This amount may fluctuate monthly depending on power cost from our power supplier. Other applicable taxes apply.

For commercial and industrial rates please call 740-344-2102.

“Demand” is the total amount of electricity being used by a consumer during a defined time period. Demand varies from hour to hour, day to day and season to season. This usage that is expressed in kilowatts (not kilowatt-hours) is called the “demand” on the system. Our records demand over a 15-minute time period. The member is charged for the highest 15-minute usage recorded on the demand meter. After we read the meter each month, demand is reset to zero and the meter starts over, recording the highest 15-minute usage for the next billing period. Learn More

We recognize our members may be interested in purchasing and operating small renewable powered generating systems to provide electricity to their home or business. However, there are formal rules for interconnections between small customer-owned generators and electric utility providers. Our primary concern is that these systems be interconnected safely in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations, without adversely affecting the electrical utility system. Want to learn more about net metering?

Interconnection requirements for systems up to 25 kW are covered by the Technical Requirements for PURPA Interconnections are available online or by calling 740-344-2102.

  • Returned Check: $ 30.00
  • Credit Card Declined: $ 30.00
  • Collection: $ 25.00
  • Reconnect: $ 50.00
  • Service Charge: $ 25.00
  • After Hours Connection: $ 125.00
  • Additional Trip: $ 50.00
  • Standard Labor: $ 30.00
  • Overtime Labor: $ 75.00
  • Lock Charge: $ 25.00
  • L/W Valve – riser: $ 50.00
  • Deposit (Maximum): 130% of highest bill during last 12 months at that service address.
  • Extended Non-Pay: $30 per month
  • Meter Test: $ 75.00
  • AMI Replacement: $ 125.00
  • Damaged Equipment: Actual Cost
  • Energy Advisor Fee: $99.00