Saving energy is saving money.

Energy efficiency increases the comfortability of your home and saves you money! We are here to help you understand your energy bill and find ways to be more energy efficient. Here are some our best tips to help you use less energy.

Home Energy Analysis Tool

Touchstone Energy’s Home Energy Analysis Tool gives you quick tips and fixes, designed around your space, to help you cut down on your energy and costs.

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Pro Tips for Saving Energy

Keeping Outdoor Workers Safe in Hot Weather

Working in extreme heat can be hazardous. Learn the warning signs of heat-related illnesses.

How to Keep Your Upstairs Cool in the Summer

Stop sweating it out on your second floor. This video shows how you can stay cool and save all season long.

Is Your Facility Ready for Summer?

Summer can bring extreme temperatures, high humidity levels and sudden storms to your facility. Are you prepared?

6 Easy Conservation Tips for Renters

Give your energy bills a new lease on life with these simple cost-saving measures.

Air Source Heat Pumps are Comfortably Efficient

Air source heat pumps can provide highly efficient comfort for your home all year long.

811: Make That Call Before You Break Ground

Planning a facility expansion or outdoor landscaping project that involves digging? Calling 811 is a smart business decision.