Right-of-Way Maintenance

To keep electricity reliable and protect our members from any potential electrical hazards, we maintain the right-of-way (ROW) clearing. Trees touching power lines are the most common cause of service outages and “blinks” which can be dangerous.

The ROW clearing includes cutting, mowing, and spraying 15 feet from a single-phase line and 20 feet from a three-phase line and certain distances around buried gas pipelines and electric facilities.

If you are planting a tree or installing a fence or another structure near underground utilities, please call OHIO811. They will measure the proper distances and check to see if the area you plan to dig is safe. The Energy Cooperative uses herbicides to remove unwanted weeds, brush, and trees near electric poles, power lines and substations. We practice precision application and use buffer zones to provide an extra measure of precaution by avoiding gardens, flowers, and other plants important to you.

Planting Guidelines

Trees can conduct electricity and create a safety hazard if limbs grow too close to electric lines. Electrical arcing from a wire to a nearby branch can cause power outages, fires and other maintenance problems that can be costly for both you and our Cooperative.

That is why trees growing near power lines must be pruned to keep a safe distance from the wires. If you have trees growing into power lines, contact us at 740-344-2102. Never prune them yourself. Our team is highly trained to safely trim trees for electric power line clearances.

Trimming from the Sky

In addition to our own right-of-way (ROW) crews, we contract with an aerial cutting company called LaRoche Aviation Services to help us keep the power on for The Energy Cooperative’s electric members. Their helicopter maintains clearance from our lines in the cooperative’s rights-of-way.

LaRoche Aviation Services can reach limbs growing on overhanging power lines that our equipment cannot. It is the most cost-effective and efficient way to keep line clearance which minimizes outages to our members.