Are You Experiencing an Outage?

If you are an electric member of The Energy Cooperative experiencing a power outage, here are ways you can make sure we know you are without power.

You can also view our outage map to view current outages we are working to restore.

Downed Power Lines Are Dangerous!

Safety is always our top priority. Always assume downed power lines are energized and dangerous. Consider any object touching lines energized as well. If you see a downed power line, or other electrical hazard, call 911. Then call us at 1-888-535-5732 or 1-800-255-6815 to report it

How Do We Restore Your Power?

Here are the steps we follow to restore your power after an outage – large or small:

  1. High-voltage transmission lines must be restored first because they supply power from the generating plant to substations.
  2. Substations step down the power for residential and commercial use. Damage at a substation must be repaired next.
  3. Three-phase lines must be repaired next. Three-phase lines carry the power from the substation to businesses, industries and residences. These lines get the most people back on and are necessary to carry electric energy to the remainder of the system.
  4. Single-phase lines are restored next. Single-phase lines distribute electricity from the substations or three-phase lines to homes and businesses.
  5. Lastly, service lines are restored. Service lines supply electricity to individual homes
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