Since 1936, The Energy Cooperative (TEC) has delivered safe, reliable, and affordable utility services and has played an important role in the economic and civic life of Central Ohio. Our first priority is safety for members, employees, and the public. We believe that if we take the lead in safety, others follow.

Electrical Safety

Keep a safe distance from overhead lines. They are not insulated, so they are placed overhead and well out of reach or underground. Call (888) 535-5732 immediately if you see a downed wire. If a power line falls on your vehicle STAY INSIDE the vehicle unless you MUST exit due to other safety threats. Warn people to stay away and to not touch the vehicle. Call or ask someone to call 911, then (888) 535-5732. If you must exit the vehicle because of fire or other threats, open the vehicle door. Do not step out! Jump free and clear of the vehicle, keeping both feet together. Once clear of the vehicle, shuffle in small steps at least 50 feet away, with both feet on the ground at all times.

Natural Gas and Propane Safety

Natural gas and Propane in their original state are odorless; we add an organic compound called Mercaptan before the gas is delivered to your home or business. The compound has a distinctive smell like rotten eggs to alert you to the presence of natural gas or propane escaping in or around your home. If you smell gas inside, get out immediately and leave the area quickly.