Written by Gary Glover, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer – Electric Operations

Have you ever thought about where the electricity that powers your home or business is generated? Our electric generation comes from Buckeye Power. Buckeye Power, Inc. (BPI) is Ohio’s generation and transmission cooperative, providing electricity to the 24 Ohio-based cooperatives and Michigan-based Midwest Energy & Communications. Owned and governed by the cooperatives it serves, Buckeye Power is dedicated to providing its member cooperatives with affordable and responsibly-produced power. They own a portfolio of generation and peaking facilities, outfitted with best-in-class environmental controls. They are also committed to researching and investing in economically sustainable sources of renewable power.

A Balanced Portfolio

Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives take a balanced approach to renewable energy. They utilize affordable coal-fired generation for the bulk of our member’s power. In addition to this base load generation, Buckeye Power has made significant investments in renewable energy on behalf of Ohio cooperative families.

Base Load Generation

Buckeye Power’s base-load generation assets serve the day-to-day needs of Ohio’s cooperative members. These facilities are best-in-class, outfitted with state-of-the-art environmental controls.
Cardinal Power Plant is located in Brilliant, Ohio. Cardinal is a coal-fired power plant that has a generating capacity of 1,230 megawatts.
Clifty Creek and Kyger Creek plants, owned by the Ohio Valley Electric Corporation. These two coal-fired power plants have a combined capacity of 434 megawatts.

Buckeye Power’s natural gas-fueled peaking facilities serve Ohio cooperative members on the coldest and hottest days of the year.

  • The Robert P. Mone Plant is in Convoy, Ohio. It is a natural gas power plant with 510 megawatts of capacity.
  • The Greenville Generation Station located in Greenville, Ohio, is a natural gas plant with 200 megawatts of generation capacity.